Inspection Service

Adibatex Corporation (ATC) is a trusted organization in providing Textiles and consumer products sourcing, Testing, Inspection and business management consulting services since Jan 2006 with a highly experienced consulting and in-house competency.

ATC is work with initial factory set up systems, to final random inspection, providing a competitive edge by implementing quality assurance procedures and processes of the higher standard.

ATC itself organized into three main operating divisions, each focusing on the Sourcing, Third Party-Management Consultancy Services and Quality Assurance-Inspection Services. It is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, We provide service in Chittagong also.

ATC provides currently services with Garments, Textiles, Home Textiles, Leather, Jute and Shoes etc product industries all over Bangladesh. Each of the Buyers has their own requirements and specifications. ATC is geared up to meet each and every one of those requirements in assured confidence.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to become “A Total Solutions Provider- source to ship”. We are committed to working in partnership with clients and strive for their continuous service.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is, “Provide Total Expert Solutions to any business with Unlimited Sourcing and Services by Doing the Right Thing always!!!”

Product Description

Despite improvements in long distance communication, there is still no substitute for local supervision of manufacturing. By employing an independent Inspection entity, problems can be identified and prevented at source, during production or prior to shipment. Buyers are often needs to verify that their interests are being well protected and that quality products are being manufactured.
ATC Services can monitor the entire quality related process at all stages from development through the manufacturing process to delivery.
 Multistage Inspection Services:

  • Fabric inspection Services – FI
  • Pre-Production inspection Services – PPI
  • Initial Production inspection Services – IPI
  • During Production inspection Services – DPI
  • Final Random Inspection Services – FRI

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